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Tripick launch their new specialty beer 4°

After the success of the subtle Tripick 6° and the powerful Tripick 8°, the Liège brand have unveiled their latest creation: the light Tripick 4°.

Lightness mixed with taste

With a light blond color and 4.2% alcohol, both the aroma and lightness of Tripick 4° will surprise you, it strikes a perfect balance between specialty and session beers. This new high-fermented beer is based on a completely new recipe. With 3 new hops, including the famous Cascade, and 2 types of malt, it has a great long-lasting taste that will delight both beer amateurs and experts.

The rule of three

Tripick 4° is the third beer from the Liège brand. Three, a number that could only bring happiness to the founding trio, Fréderic Ambroise, Nicolas Léonard and Emmanuel Mewissen. The three old friends have already included this number in their creation: “tri” for their trio, and “pick” to highlight their region Ardennes, which is symbolized by its green woodpecker (pic vert in French). With their 3 hops, these high-fermented blond beers have already become a reference in the market after winning at the World Beer Awards in 2017, just a few months after their creation.

Don’t wait to try this new Belgian beer in all the region’s shops.