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The Liège Office Center applauded for lighting design

The Liège Office Center, developed by LMP, now has a new accolade to fortify an already spectacular building after winning a prize for its lighting at the ACEtylene Prizes 2020. The building, located in the emergent area of Guillemins, also houses Ardent Invest’s new offices.

A successful night at the ACEtylene Prizes 2020

On 2 December 2020, the Liege Office Center was awarded a prize for its outstanding lighting design at the ACEtylene Prizes 2020. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic preventing the usual ceremony, 55 participants joined a Microsoft Teams remote ceremony for the ACEtylene Prizes. It was a record-breaking year for the awards, with 28 applications received for the five categories. The highlight of the night for Ardent Invest was the French Lighting Designers Association (Association des Concepteurs Eclairagistes français, ACE) awarding the Liège Office Center with the Built Heritage Lighting Design Prize (Prix de la conception lumière “patrimoine bâti”). The building’s excellent lighting was praised for its two different atmospheres, the structured and square outside and the poetic and round inside.

Ardent Invest’s new home in award-winning offices

These critically acclaimed offices are Ardent Invest’s new home base and soon their sister company Gaming1 will join them in Guillemins. This fantastic building will also be home to an Ibis Style hotel and several other businesses, adding to the development of the area. The Liege Office Center is symbolic for Ardent Invest, not only because it is in the heart of the Ardent City, but also because it was initially one of the first Circus gaming halls. It holds a special piece of history for Ardent Invest and therefore, is a fitting new home.

A revitalized area in the Ardent City

In the heart of the city, the Guillemins area is being rapidly developed and reconstructed. The train station, designed by the architect Calatrava, and the finance tower are both impressive structures that set the tone for this area’s redevelopment. The Belle Liégeoise bridge, named in homage to the feminist heroine Anne-Josèphe Théroigne de Méricourt, leading to the Boverie park also forms a key part of the area’s new urban landscape. Therefore, this award-winning modern office building fits in perfectly with the newly revitalized area. In a prime location, a stone’s throw from the train station and with easy access to highways and public transport, it is an excellent place for Ardent Invest to have their headquarters.