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First initiative on the iconic site of Rue Louvrex initiated by its new owner, Ardent Real Estate.

Several weeks after the announcement on November 21, 2023, indicating the designation of Ardent Real Estate as the prospective buyer of the historic NETHYS headquarters in the Botanique district of Liège, new perspectives are already emerging.

From the initial phases of the site’s study, the Liège-based real estate developer Ardent Real Estate committed to incorporating all its reflections and actions within a circular dynamic, emphasizing a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Although it is still too early to discuss the architectural details of the site’s redevelopment, it is already confirmed that a high-quality residential complex will be developed there.

In line with this circular approach, the developer was also keen to consider the interim period between the departure of the current occupant (scheduled in a few weeks) and the emergence of this ambitious new project. In this context, Ardent Real Estate is pleased to announce the agreement concluded this week with Cité Ecole Vivante.

Starting from the next school year, Cité Ecole Vivante will benefit from the free provision of part of the premises on Rue Louvrex, allowing it to calmly begin its first two years of activities. The Liège developer highlights having been particularly sensitive to the quality and values of the Cité Ecole Vivante project, considering this initiative a significant local contribution and development for the city. It should be noted that this secondary school would be the first created in Liège in sixty years.

This is an important step in the improvement of the neighborhood that Ardent Real Estate will undertake, and they are delighted to contribute to the revitalization of this emblematic site in the city of Liège. “We are eager to collaborate closely with Cité Ecole Vivante by allowing it to create this dynamic and inspiring educational environment while continuing to integrate principles of sustainability and innovation into every step of our process,” says Bernard Hermant, General Manager of Ardent Real Estate.