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Ardent Real Estate acquires Nethys site on Rue Louvrex

We are pleased to announce that Nethys’ Board of Directors has accepted our offer for the acquisition of their historic site located on Rue Louvrex.

This acquisition reaffirms our commitment to accelerating the development of our real estate activities and will enable us to undertake an exemplary urban redevelopment project that aligns perfectly with our environmental and societal policies.

Project Vision

Ardent Real Estate has been particularly mindful of the immediate environment and neighboring entities surrounding the site, aiming to develop an intelligent project that integrates diverse expectations and needs within the neighborhood.

While it is still premature to discuss architecture specifics at this stage, Ardent Real Estate confirms its intention to preserve the existing tower, enhancing it into a harmonious and elegant collection of luxury apartments. Furthermore, there are currently no plans to modify the Master buildings facing Rue Louvrex.

Following a thorough study of the site and its surroundings, the developer emphasizes its commitment to enhancing the site’s tranquility. Thus, the project will predominantly feature residential spaces, offering a wide range of housing options from one-bedroom apartments to small family-oriented townhouses. The objective also includes utilizing the existing underground spaces to minimize the visibility of cars. Concurrently, Ardent Real Estate will promote the use of sustainable transportation methods, leveraging the proximity to the Guillemins district and various public transport options.

Project Features

The ambition encompasses multiple dimensions: energy efficiency (A+ energy certified housing), aesthetic enhancement (noteworthy renovation of the tower), urban integration (addressing neighborhood expectations and enhancing the area), and societal impact (providing a range of housing accessible to diverse budgets).

Next Steps

Project planning entails numerous preparatory steps to ensure a thoughtful and suitable design. While it is challenging to specify an exact timeline at this juncture, we are committed to advancing swiftly while adhering to necessary procedures and consultations.

This acquisition represents a pivotal step in our commitment to sustainable and innovative urban development, aimed at revitalizing this strategic quarter of Liège.