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Ardent Invest and Dream Energy on the set of the DEMAIN show on LN24: Accelerating the transition to electric mobility in Belgium

As part of the establishment of the joint venture between Ardent Invest and Dream Energy, the TV channel LN24 welcomed Didier Smet, COO of Ardent Invest, and Philippe Baudry, CEO of Artea Groupe and Dream Energy, to its studio. Together, they participated in the “DEMAIN” show, a committed TV program that explores the challenges of our modern society and proposes concrete solutions for a more responsible and sustainable future. Energy transition, electric mobility, sustainable development, and the establishment of Dream Energy Ardent were the main topics discussed. Watch their discussion in this video.

Didier Smet and Philippe Baudry in the DEMAIN show of TV channel LN24

Summary of the intervention

Through their appearance on the set of the DEMAIN show on LN24, Dream Energy and Ardent Invest were able to shed light on their innovative collaboration to build and operate a fast charging network in Belgium. This initiative, materialized by the creation of the joint venture, Dream Energy Ardent, aims to deploy initially about ten fast charging stations, strategically positioned on the commercial real estate properties of Ardent Real Estate, the real estate branch of Ardent Invest. Their objectives are as follows:

Facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles

Europe is unmistakably shifting towards electric mobility, a transition particularly relevant for Belgium, the leader in company cars in Europe. The ultimate step to accomplish this shift towards electric vehicles is to restore the sense of freedom that the combustion engine had induced, by providing electric vehicle users with ultra-fast charging solutions. The joint venture between Dream Energy Ardent will intensify the fast charging service to catalyze this change.

Contribution to the energy transition through Dream Energy’s expertise

Beyond the desire to meet an existing need, the joint venture sets ambitious economic and climate goals. It is crucial to create a truly low-carbon charging service by leveraging Dream Energy’s renewable energy production. The joint venture also commits to supporting businesses in their ESG efforts by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicle fleets, thus promoting a more comprehensive energy transition.

Dream Energy Ardent : the alliance of two family players with a common vision

Dream Energy and Ardent Invest share a logic of ecosystem and complementary businesses, covering real estate, energy and hospitality. A long-term vision and a qualitative user experience are also at the heart of their collaboration.

A vision realized in the second half of 2024

This ambitious collaboration between Dream Energy and Ardent Invest will take shape with the opening of the first fast charging stations in the second half of 2024. Beyond this initial phase, the two partners aim to continue their development beyond the sites of Ardent Real Estate, actively contributing to shaping a more sustainable energy future in Belgium.