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Working alongside Ardent Invest

Ardent Invest founded and developed Ardent Real Estate, which brings together a team of real estate management and development specialists, in 1992. Real estate is part of Ardent Invest’s DNA and has two branches.

10 experts and more than 20 years experience

Real Estate developer active in all three areas of the industry

Operating since 1995, Ardent Real Estate is the real estate branch of Ardent Group. As real estate developers, we develop and finance projects in the three essential sectors of real estate: residential – through apartment buildings such as Les Jardins de l’Arsenal or the Crystal Corner project in Guillemins, retail – with a real estate portfolio of approximately 50,000 m² of commercial space in Wallonia, and offices – among others, we have completed the Liège Office Center, facing the Guillemins station.

Ardent Real Estate invests in and develops projects that are “right” in terms of their requirements for comfort, quality of living space, intelligent land use planning, and limiting our ecological footprint. Whether it’s apartments, offices or commercial spaces, all of Ardent Real Estate’s projects are developed with one objective: the quality of life and comfort of the occupants.

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